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Truth Campaign

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Oran Smith
Mr. Higginbo
ENG 101 B01
1 October 2012
Essay #2
The Truth Campaign
Our world has been exposed to a great number of ad campaigns that have little meaning other than to sell a particular product. We may agree with the ad and purchase the product, or we may disregard the product completely. Some ad campaigns try to sell a way of life through the purchase of their product. If you have the product, you are part of a community of people who want to, or already follow this preferred lifestyle. Using ad campaigns to sell a product as a certain lifestyle is unquestionably effective. How effective would an ad campaign that sells a way of life but does not sell a product really be? The Truth is a notable anti-smoking ad campaign in the United States that started in 1998. It targets its audience through commercials, magazine ads, and interactive Internet sites. Obviously, anti-smoking ads do not sell a particular product; rather they sell a smoke-free lifestyle. In order to convey The Truths anti-smoking message, rhetorical strategies play a major role in their general ad campaign. Through the use of urban and real-life campaign settings, powerful statistical disclosures, and by challenging society’s thoughts with smoking, The Truth dynamically addresses the lifestyle of smoking in the United States, intertwined with thousands of engaging , pleasing commercials and ads is one that captures the viewers’ attention for an entirely different reason.
The magazine ad looks as though it was shot on a hand-held camera, and the person featured in the ad, behind the sign is a regular person. In every ad the people involved in every one are just common people. These are the characteristics of a Truth ad. Each magazine ad in The Truths ad campaign has been shot somewhere in the real world either in a city, store, or office. The overall tone of the magazine ad appeals to pathos by allowing the viewer to recognize the ad as addressing something serious through his or...


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