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Bottled Water vs Tap Water

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Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Is bottled water better than tap water? There are many people around the world that prefer bottled water on tap water for different reasons. On the other side, many people prefer tap water instead because they believe it is no difference. The question is, is bottled water really better than tap water? There are many different brand names for bottled water and some of them are even expensive. The real truth is that tap water is healthier, free, and there are many different solutions to the bottled water chaos.
People think that bottled water is healthier than tap water but that is not true. Tests were done on tap water and bottled water, the results showed that tap water is healthier. In fact, bottled water contains chemicals that affect human beings. People said that water bottle is tastier and that’s one of the reasons they buy it for. Well, the shocking fact is that tap water took number one in taste tests across the country. Manufacturers insisted that their bottled water is ten times cleaner. The truth is that sometimes it is and sometimes it is not, but if those companies didn’t pollute the natural water to make the plastic water bottle then tap water would always be cleaner and ten times healthier. This means that tap water is in fact healthier than bottled water.
Many people are paying hundreds of dollars for bottled water while they can get it for free from their kitchen. Bottled water costs almost two thousand times more than tap water. Every year, companies use oil to make plastic bottled water which could have been enough to fill up millions of cars, but that’s not just it. What do you think happens to the waste bottled water? About eighty percent goes to land fields to sit down for hundreds and thousands of years or some get burnt into smoke that pollutes the air. In a conclusion, air, water, and land are getting polluted to make a watered bottle and we pay for it while we can get it for free and save the Earth....


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