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Robot - 1

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Robot   is the one of mechanical device that have a different structure and shape for   different type of work . In general, Robot created to work with such difficulties. Such as work in narrow areas or explore the moon planet with no life . In the present Robotic technology developed rapidly. Become to play a role in the lives of human such as industrial production. Unlike before, the robot is often used. most in industrial applications. The robot has many applications such as Robotics used in medicine, Robots for exploration, Robots in space applications. Or even a robot that was created to be a human.

Robot can be divided into two types based on usage. First robots is Robot that fixed in place (fixed robot) is not a robot that can move on its own . Robot in this category include robotic arm use in industry such as the automotive industry, the robotic arm used in the medical industrial. The robot used in surgery. Robots of this type will look at the massive structure. Use energy from external power supply. And the extent of movement of the robot it. Make sure the robot motion can be defined only in special work . Second mobile robots (mobile robot) robot of this type is different from the stock motor is installed with the. It can move it to it- self. By using the wheels or legs. The structure is designed to be small and mobile . As well as a backup power supply within their own bodies. Unlike the fixed robot Which requires an external power supply to it . The robot of this type is still in a research study in the lab . such as exploration robot of Mars from NASA and ASIMO from Honda

In the present had developed a robot that looks like a pet . To be friend with human like the Sony IBO , or even the development of a two-legged robot that can move like a human. To be used in the future to be a risk for humans in many higher education institutions in the public and private sector organizations to be aware of the French cast of robot technology. And the...


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