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How People Choose a Significant Other

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How People Choose a Significant Other

What is a significant other? A significant other is a person’s partner in a relationship. It is usually a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. It is also known as that special someone. Being that each person has their own unique taste in partners, there are many ways people use to choose a significant other.
Some people are purely physical creatures. They go by whatever catches their eye. They will choose their significant other by how attractive the person is to them. What one person deems attractive may be the complete opposite to another. One person may be attracted to tall, dark and muscular while another may like short, pale, and slender.   Everyone is different, to each his own.
Who doesn’t love a good personality? Many people gravitate toward others with personalities they like and can sometimes relate to. People often go for the smart, outgoing, funny, and honest person. In their opinion a person could look like Godzilla but if they have an amazing personality they will always see them as prince charming. They believe that personality is a must when choosing a partner.
Many people have someone that they have a lot in common with. Someone that they can talk to about things others wouldn’t be interested in. When choosing a significant other some may go for someone who shares the same interests. Things like playing the same sport, hobbies, favorite tv shows, music, food, or favorite sports teams are just a few things. Many feel that having things in common with that significant other will strengthen the relationship.
There are people who have a set list of things and qualities they want their significant other to have. They have no doubt in their mind about what that person will be like. They may want a rich business man that is ready to settle down with kids and a house with a picket fence. If a person is even missing one of those qualities they can kiss their chance goodbye. These people know exactly what...


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