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Death Penalty (Against)

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Capital punishment in Spain
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Capital punishment in Spain is banned under the Constitution of 1978, which saw the restoration of democracy, and completely abolished for all offences, including under wartime since October 11, 1995.[1]

The last executions were carried out on September 27, 1975 when five members of ETA and FRAP were executed by firing squad for murder following a much-publicised trial in which a number of the convicted (included a pregnant woman) were given clemency by General Francisco Franco, and the sentences of the remaining five were commuted to death by shooting rather than by the garrotte, which had seen draconian publicity when used for the last time in 1974 (for executing Salvador Puig Antich in Barcelona and Heinz Chez in Tarragona).[2]

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Capital punishment was common in the Spanish...


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