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From a Caribbean, standpoint, through one’s detailed analysis of the fundamental ideologies that encompass the study of Language Acquisition, it is inherent that one’s pedagogical faculties will be influenced invariably. It is with saying this that our focus in this dissertation would be centered on decoding such theories namely Cognitivism and Behaviorism in great detail. By establishing a coherent understanding of each concept a perceptive insight of their function and extensive use in today’s academic curriculum can be deciphered under the native context

Adapting an integrated approach, one can begin to internalize this diversified subject through deep examination of the featured theories and their respective elements that are integral to their holistic development in this discipline. With reference to the first concept known as Cognitivism , we infer that   this ideology was invented by a   Swiss develop mentalist , Jean Piaget (1896- 1980). Upon his introspection of all the elements that constituted human cognition his inferences led him to believe that ‘there was a continuous struggle for complex organisms to adapt to their complex environment’.

It is inherent that there are certain functions that were found in Cognitivism   that were of intrinsic value   for one’s holistic understanding of Language Acquistion. Piaget focuses on two such functions namely Organization and Adaptation. By definition, Organisation as the name implies refers to the fact that all cognitive structures are interrelated and that any new knowledge must fit into the existing system. Secondly, Adaptation refers to the tendency of the organism to fit with its environment in ways that would promote its survival. The latter is further sub-divided into two further components that are described as Assimilation and Accommodation. Assimilation is expressed as the tendency to understand new experience in terms of existing knowledge. On the other hand , Accomodation occurs when new...


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