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Short Story

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By Bruna Araujo

Her fist was tighten hard, ready to get me this time, “Alexander get inside the house!”
I was a wimp, and scared of what she might do to me I ran to the castle as quickly as I could, never looking back for a second fixing my eyes on the top of the castle where there it stood. I was saving my skin from my mother!
She stopped walking towards me and stood there in the middle between the house and my castle with her arms crossed.
“Get down from the tree house right now, don’t you dare make me call your father!”
I kept on climbing with every finger of mine sweating, and nervously I stuttered,
“I--I wo..won’t.”

As I reached finally to the last ladder to grab onto, I hear clearly my maid talk to my mom, “Mrs.Faltor, your husband is calling you right now.”
Looking down towards my mom,while sitting on the edge of my castle, my mother nodded slowly bitting her lower lip, while her eyes began to change and a tear came down.
“Please, just tell Alexander to get down, he needs to pack, before he--”
The maid Linda cut her off quickly, “Understood, Mrs. Faltor”
My eyes were fixed on my mother, who left with a saddened expression, and with each step leaving me a wonder to why I needed to pack. Why?
Linda, my maid, came with a very tense voice, and her face was serious as she spoke, “Boy, do your mother a favor and listen, this is important.”
I thought for a moment before I would leave my tree house, only place in the world that I ever felt safe and in tune with my own world. A world filled with no adults, and no time to be serious, only to play with whatever imagination I could come up with.
Breathing in now, hoping she would say, yes I asked her,“Linda?”
She answered me back covering herself more with her sweater from the chilly day.
“Better be fast my boy, I’m freezing here.”
“I just wanted to ask, if I could stay a little longer, could I?” Linda shook her head, and looked at me for a couple of seconds, “Sorry boy, its now...


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