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Ideal School

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A really successful educational experience in a school of 21st century should be interactive.   That means students and teachers are part of a learning community.   Critical thinking and analytical skills would be the goal, and all new learning would be connected to previous learning.   Learning must, of course, be measured because we live in a world of measurements and skills in reading, writing, and speaking would be valued.   This is achieved when classes   remain at or under 35 students, then the majority of the problems that most public schools experience will be magically eliminated.   When a teacher can be more personally involved in each student's life,   technology, frills, even parent involvement is not even necessary. Smaller class sizes would ensure that students are getting individualized attention. An ideal school   would consist of an entire faculty that truly cares about the education that the students are receiving.   In addition to all of this, students would also care about their educations as well. An ideal school has teachers who set high expectations and actually teach in order to help the students reach the expectations. Quality schools will also have cross-curricular efforts among it's staff as well as successful vertical teaming efforts.   The ideal school should be a place where the focus is on learning and not just teaching.   The ideal school of 21st century is one where all of the teachers like being there, and enjoy working with kids and teaching in general.   The administrators are supportive and caring.   They back you up, but also listen to you when you need it.   The kids are eager to learn, and capable.
Apart from the above and more importantly an ideal school should be situated in ideal surroundings. It should be away from the noise of the city. In an ideal school there is a peaceful atmosphere. An ideal school has books of all types. Its laboratories are well-equipped. The Principal of an ideal school devotes all his time and...


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