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Qualification Versus Career

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Qualification versus Career
                                                    An Essay
A few years back India pampered herself as having the most intelligent and skilled young men, which led to ‘Brain Drain’ from India to other developed countries. These countries paid a huge amount to these men and it was a matter of attraction even for high profile officials in India. It is true that those young men possessed truly vast practical knowledge of the trade they had studied. They read, projected and experienced their subjects vividly.   There was no external pressure more than their own strong will to dive deep into the matter. They got knowledge by working hard without seeking any shortcut. All this was followed by promising jobs and high-status-life in their fortune.
Then there came hue and cry from Indian lobbies to stop this brain drain and to develop infrastructure to occupy the brilliance at home. Thanks to the efforts made by Indian Govts. That the most intelligent and skilled persons have started coming back or at least fresh educated rows have started opting for a job in India only.
Now, a question arises here, whether new generations have that deep and vast knowledge as of the previous ones who were in great demand? The answer, as far as a thinker provides, is ‘No’. Yes, now India is not producing the educated classes qualitatively but quantitatively. Universities and other authorized educational institutes are selling licenses to all types of colleges but there is no one to check if there is adequate staff and infrastructural equipments or they are just luring the aspirants rejected by other reputed colleges.
Also, modern students are paying less attention to knowledge than inflated percentage of marks in their detailed marks’ cards. Mushrooming coaching centers, which can be termed as ‘a few meter cuboidal educational boxes’, can make the students crack competitive examinations successfully, but are helplessly unable to provide practical knowledge...


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