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1. Explain how prehistoric cave painting (fig. 554) or the Venus of Willendorf (fig. 555) is
more realistic?
Prehistoric cave paintings are more realistic than the Venus of Willendorf because during that time paintings were made to look like the actual animals. This makes it more realistic and natural. The Venus of Willendorf was over exaggerated with the breasts, belly, and genitals. At that time they weren’t making them how they look but they were expressing something through their work. This makes the prehistoric cave paintings more realistic than the Venus of Willendorf.

2. What is the subject matter of the Stele of Hammurabi (fig. 560)
The subject matter of the Stele of Hammurabi is basically all about power. Whenever Hammurabi came into power the Law Code of Hammurabi came out and it was inscribed onto this. On the top it shows him getting a blessing. All the things on this stele are about power. So as you can see the subject matter of this piece is power.

3. Describe how the Egyptians portrayed the human figure.
The Egyptians portrayed the human figure to being very religious. Everything was about the afterlife. Mummification had to be done in a very precise way and detail was very important. The whole thing was they wanted ka to find a home. So as you can see this is what Egyptian portrayed the human figure to be, all about the afterlife and helping ka find a home.

4. Who is King Narmer?
King Narmer was an Egyptian that Upper Egypt. He is known for holding an enemy by his hair and getting ready to kill him. He also led Upper Egypt over lower Egypt in a battle and there’s a statue made of him. This was placed in the temple in honor of him. King Narmer is an Egyptian king that left a mark on the land and was given a statue as a gift.

5. How was the Armana period different than other periods in Egyptian culture? And why?
The Armana period was different than other periods in Egyptian culture because they started worshipping one god. Not only...


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