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Max. Marks:   30 Time Allowed: Minutes
Course Title: Introduction to Information Technology (IT2003) Exam: Mid Term
Section: Program:

Student’s Name: ____________________ Reg. No: ______________

Note:   Cutting and over writing would be considered as an incorrect answer.
      Encircle the correct option in MCQs.
Section I: MCQs (Marks 10)

1. Which keyboard shortcut bolds selected text?
    • Ctrl+B
    • Alt+B
    • File/Format/Bold
    • None of the above
    • All of the above

2. What page view can you use to see what it will look like when printed?
    • Print View
    • Reading View
    • Draft View
    • Outline View

3. Which keyboard shortcut centers selected text?
    • Ctrl+C
    • Alt+C
    • There is no keyboard shortcut for this operation
    • Ctrl+E

4. A computer converts the data into:
    • Information
    • Charts
    • Software
    • Input/output

5. You can ___________ a program’s icon to launch the program
    • Point-To
    • Double-Click
    • Right-Click
    • Drag

Fill in the blanks (10)

1. In most programs you can press _________________ key to run a program.
2.   The name of the saved document in MS office will appear on _____________ bar
3. The Increase font option is located on the ________ tab
4. _____________ short key is used to central align a selected text.
5. The _______________ shows the document as it will look when it is printed.

Label the following diagram

Define the following (Marks 8)

1. Name any four parts of Computer Hardware (1)

2. What is the purpose of “Multi level Bullets” in MS office Word 2007 (1)

3. Fill this table with shortcut keys.
|To do this                                                                                       |Shortcut keys                       |
|Display the FIND dialog box.                                                                     |                                   |
|Save a document...


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