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The World War II

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In 1933 Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, he abolishes democracy and becomes a dictator.
Germany and Russia sign a non aggression pact, secretly agreeing to invade Poland and share it. September 1st 1939 Germany invades Poland and World War 2 began.
Two days later Britain and France declare war on Germany.
Russia invaded Poland on the 17th of September and on the 27th Warsaw surrenders.
1940 April 8th Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. May 10th   Germany also invades France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg.
Winston Churchill becomes Britain's prime minister.
June 10th Italy declared war on the collapsing France and on Britain. On the 14th German tropps march into Paris and on the 22nd France surrenders.
On July 1st Germany invades the British channel islands and The Battle of Britain air campaign begins.
September 27th Japan joins The Axis
June 1941 Germany invades Russia and Hitler orders ''maximum cruelty'' against civilians.
December 7th the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and the US join the war.
December 11th Germany and Italy declare war on the US.
In January the Japanese forces invade Manila, Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma.
March 20th industrial scale murder of jews by poison gas behins in Nazi death camps.
April 18th US bombers bomb Tokyo
August 23rd Germanys 6th army rach Stalingrad and the battle of stalingrad begins.
December 19th the Germans fail to break the encirclement of their army in Stalingrad.
July 10th 1943 The Allies invade Sicily, Mussolini is replaced and arrested.
September 3rd The Allies invade Italys mainland.
August 1944 Allied fighters achieve air superiority over Germany.
March 6th 1945 The Allies occupy Cologne, Germany.
April 10th The Applies occupy Hannover. The Allies liberate the Buchenwald death camp.
April 30th Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker in Berlin. He appoints admiral Doenitz as his successor.
May 8th Germany surrenders. The war in Europe ends.
Auguest 14th Japan surrenders. World War...


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