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Playing with Chances

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Take A Step Forward                                                                                                                    
Are you willing to risk paying 100 dollars to play the slot machine in hopes of winning the jackpot? Chances are you will end up not getting a prize and wasting your 100 dollars, or maybe you are in luck. But think about it, if you do not try in the first place, is there any chance for you to win the top prize? Risks and rewards are correlated. Unfortunately, many people refuse to look into the possibility that taking risks may lead them to achievement. They choose to stay in their comfort zone, having no progress in life.
Risk comes along with decisions you make, regardless of who you are, even for you and me. A year ago, I was feeling lost.   Growing up in Hong Kong, my life was quite dull. Nothing dramatic has ever happened to me, leading to my plain personality. I was shy and timid.   I only had a few friends during my junior high school years, as I did not talk much. Everyday, I attended classes, went to tutorial lessons, did my homework and studied. It was the same routine throughout the whole year. I got good grades, but I just thought that something was missing, I yearned to live my teenage years to the fullest. I had an appointment with my guidance counselor and told her what was bothering me. We got to the bottom of my uncertainties: I wanted a breakthrough.
The conference made me recall a dream that I buried deep in my heart, as I thought it could never be achieved. I had wanted to go to Canada to continue my studies since my trip there a few years back, wanting to improve my English. And now, I finally became aware of my desire to do so. My biggest concerns that hindered me were adapting to the new environment, and my level of English.   I have had countless debates with myself, evaluating the numerous risks I would have to face if I decide to leave. I was scared that the result would not be how I anticipated. But...


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