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The Analysys of the Great Gatsby

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The Lonely Gatsby

In our time of cosmopolitan society full of social networks & busy schedules it is very hard to imagine yourself lonely. Colleagues at work & minor acquaintances, family relatives & chat-friends, business partners & neighbours seem to occupy your time & fill your mind with their presence. But still, even if you are surrounded by a whole crowd of people, nothing prevents you from feeling lonely sometimes. The reasons for it may vary & seem great at the first sight; however, they all deal with the feeling that you don’t belong to this particular place, class, or people. Gatsby’s loneliness, the same way, derives from many factors.
The first reason to be listed is Gatsby’s social standing. Him being a bootlegger, it is just natural that people tended to avoid getting in touch with him. If they chose Gatsby to be on good terms with, it meant that they immediately lost their previous friends. No wonder that people preferred to be on the safe side of the social paradigm.
The second factor that influenced Gatsby’s solitude is his enormous wealth. Astonishing as it may seem, money didn’t help Gatsby to acquire friends but prevented it just the other way. Some people were jealous, others were suspicious, and practically all were mercenary-minded. However, Gatsby seemed to have no objections about it, throwing sumptuous parties that were going on through days & nights. Moreover, he never minded giving presents to his quests. Thus, once he bought a dress, which cost a small fortune, to a girl he didn’t even know personally.
Actually, all the reasons enumerated only bring us closer to the next one, which is responsible of appearing of all the rest. It’s evident that the primary reason of Gatsby’s loneliness is his own unwillingness to break solitude, for his count of aims in life diminished by one; and that was Daisy. All his wishes, all desires & aspirations were concentrated on her. It was Daisy for whom he had earned...


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