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The Enhancement of the Marketing Competition of Mining Machine

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Cultural establishment of brand loyal and brand positioning will be the key to shaping the value of the enterprise in the case of low excess capacity, high-end capacity planning.

Entering the 12th Five-Year Plan, the jaw crusher industry has entered a new stage of rapid development, showing the new features. On one hand, the competition between the jaw crusher enterprises is increasingly fierce, which shifts from incremental segment the market to expand market share; On the other hand, corporate diversification of jaw crusher products tend to homogenization, the higher the degree of homogeneity of the product, but also to promote the increasingly intense competition in the industry, and merger integration is emerging.

At present, the competition state of whole jaw crusher industry has changed from a single market to the diverse competition stage. During the 12th Five-Year period, a leading way of market is an extension of the product line, the action of a few large leading enterprises in the opening years of the beginning has been quite obvious, therefore, with the further increase of the coverage of the product line, the unique advantages among enterprises will gradually disappear, the improvement of degree of product homogeneity will bring a new round of competition in the market. Under the fierce competition, brand advantage is even more precious.

In order to better safeguard the interests of enterprises which is producing the mining machines such as the impact crusher and the sand maker, promote independent innovation, promote the development of enterprises, companies need to strive to strengthen technological innovation, the ability to enhance new product development and brand creation capabilities, and strengthen patent protection.

In jaw crusher industries, the domestic market in some areas lack the right to speak, the establishment of the right to speak and the market come from brands, standards, intellectual property rights, product...


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