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New Energy for the Development of Mining Machinery and Equipment

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New energy for the development of mining machinery and equipment
      Impact crusher equipment vibration exception how do Crusher equipment has made great achievements start gradually toward large-scale development, application areas and more widely, increasing efficiency,brick   making machine reduce energy consumption, pollution small, ancillary equipment is also available, large efficient vertical impact crusher has been more difficult to overcome the grinding of coal, cement, fly ash processing industry will also be blooming splendor.But, at the same time the mineral resources is an important material basis for human survival and development, but also the country's valuable natural resources.Non-renewable and scarcity.We must cherish these precious wealth, protect and make good use of these resources in order to make these advantages into strategic advantage of alicey599   China's economic development and national security, while increasing investment boom in the market of the Chinese impact crusher. Impact crusher in use will encounter the problem of abnormal vibration, and how to determine the strategy to solve such problems?

    The answer is definitely first identify the cause of abnormal impact crusher vibration. First of all, you have to rule out whether mechanical failure, if not a mechanical failure, then you should be clear which are the source of vibration,cone crusher impact crusher vibrating amount sudden increase may be caused by the following reasons: 1.Rotor imbalance; 2.Anchor bolts or bearing housing bolts loose. Remedy: 1.Re-install the plate hammer, rotor balance correction; 2.The fastening anchor bolt and bearing bolts.The following reasons can also lead to the occurrence of such phenomena: 1, materials cause the abnormal vibration,stone crusher plantjaw crusher then check the size of the feed to ensure that the material scale required. Uneven wear caused by vibration abnormal, then counterattack hammer is not fit to continue with a...


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