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What is marketing?   Marketing has many definitions or concepts. It is used in all areas of business. Basically, if you want to have a product that sells and gives you profit, the area of marketing must be very effective.
Marketing is a business way to find out the wants and needs of the customer and making the product available to those customers in the most efficient way. It is used in all areas businesses. When a business has a product that they want the customers to buy they have to have the right kind of marketing. Their job is to make the product appeal to the customers in different ways. One way is they have to make that product so that it appeals to the eye of the customers, if the customer is not attracted to the product; it is less likely that they will buy it. One way to do that is to design the label so that it stands out. If the customer is attracted to the label or product they will have a look at it, some people might just buy a product by the way it looks, so this is very important. Once you have a design or label another thing that you have to appeal to is the price if the customer likes the product but not the price they might not buy it. It is essential to have a reasonable price for any product. After you have these another way you have to market your product is advertising. If you have a product, but nobody knows about it then theres no point in it, you are not going to sell it. in order to advertise something you have to know what kind of customers you are selling to. First, you have to know what kind of people you are targeting. Then, you have to study them to see what appeals to them. Once you have that then you know how to advertise it to them. Some ways you can advertise is through television, like commercials, you can get people to talk about your product on TV, or even show it. You can also have written advertisement, like through a magazine, newspaper, flyers, or anything like that. Now, a very effective way to advertise is...


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