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Marriages...a Debate

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1. Many arranged marriages are based on astrology and numerology compatibility [1]; however, those are completely unreliable [3]. Therefore, the factors that go into determining a good match are based on falsities, which can have devastating results for the couple.

      2. When asked what qualities are important in a good marriage or marriage partner, most people answer with responses such as selflessness; committed partners; acceptance/tolerance; compatibility in terms of humor, intellect and values; forgiveness; helpfulness and romance [4]. However, none of these factors are considered when determining an arranged marriage (typically). Instead, factors that go into this arrangement most notable include the family's reputation; vocation; wealth; religion; horoscope; diet; age and language. As you can see, none of this really answers a lot of compatibility questions at an inner level, or describes the type of compatibility that usually makes a marriage happy/successful. Therefore while marriages may remain together instead of divorced, it increases the chance of unhappy marriages or unfulfilled marriages.

      3. Some cultures use arranged marriages to suppress women by marrying them off at a young age before they are old enough to develop independently. This inhibits their self-esteem, personal growth and also does not give them a chance to focus on their own education and career, later on making them completely dependent of men and stifling their freedoms plus makes them virtual prisoners or at least dependent. Being a dependent person is not good for one's self-esteem or growth as an individual.

      4. Some cultures, such as the polygamist sects in the Western United States, actually have turned arranged marriages into an institutionalized form of child abuse [5].

  2. I do not believe that arranged marriages are happier than love marriages or vice versa (when I say arranged it does not mean forced as in the India I grew up in, girls and boys...


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