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Food Technology (Internet and Manufacturing- Revision Notes)

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Food Technology Revising
Why manufacturers may use the internet for a new product
1) They could use the internet to research peoples favourite type of hot drinks weather they’re tea, coffe or hot chocolate. The internet could be used to also create a questionnaire for the public to vote on their favourite hot drinks and to give direct feed back if they like their drinks creamy/milky/thin and runny. The internet could also be used to locate any new types of recipes and what other types of ingredients to use.
Why use the internet?
2) Today’s technology is rather advanced and offers people around the world more choices every day. As well computers, iPods, Phones, iPads can be another electronic device that can be used when researching existing products.
Why do manufacturers package food?
3) A reason why manufacturers package food and drink products is to give the products their own identity, mostly to represent the brand.   To also keep the products fresh and prevent cross contamination when contact with other food products. It also extends shelf life. Another reason would be that it protects the food products from getting damaged and that it also appeals to the public.
Name 2 types of packaging and why its useful…
4) Waxed paperboard for milk and a plastic bottle for water is a good source of packaging because both materials are cheap to produce, easy to recycle, easy to print on, they’re lightweight and can be produced in different thickness's. They’re both liquid resistant and are resistant to different acids and chemicals.
Why should milk be refrigerated?
5) It’s vital milk is kept chilled at all times, it can go off and it would be not suitable to use

What is meant by product specification?
6) Product specification is a term used to show others what the product should be like. It needs to be detailed to help everyone understand what the product is going to be like.


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