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Why Is the Eiffel Tower so Important?

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In 1900, at the start of a new century, there happened a great event that would change Paris: the construction of the Eiffel Tower.
There were 2 exhibitions made before the century, the first was in 1878, and the other one was in 1889.

This tower is significant to Paris because it has been used for the transmission of news of the francophone area. The man who built this tower was named Gustave Eiffel.

The Eiffel Tower is recognized worldwide. Whoever sees this Tower thinks about Paris. Paris didn’t have an icon, so the French thought: “What can we do to represent the Paris? “ So they decided to build this.

For me, Paris symbolizes power. When I see the Eiffel Tower I think about the power of Paris as a big, beautiful city. That has a lot of majesty throughout history by people like Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XVI and Marie Antoine. But also by the actual president: Nicolas Sarkosy and his wife, the model Carla Bruni.

As well as the Eiffel Tower, France has given a lot of things to the world, including music (Alizée, Michel Jonasz, Edith Piaf, Patricia Kaas; those names are so important for all the world, you ask someone who are they and of course they know, French artists are recognized worldwide.), food and cinema: Julie and Julia, Paris Je t’aime, where they mix French artists with English actors so that people can know better.

Also the museums are recognized worldwide. The Louvre Museum is so important because of it’s collections; it has about 8 halls filled with art from different countries such as Greece and India. Paintings and sculptures made by very famous artists. There is the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Also another museum that it’s so important is the Musee d’Orsay that has 6 halls with art, sculptures, architecture etcetera.

But maybe Paris is not only art, culture, and   love.as you may know many people call Paris the city of love, where all the culture began, they use adjectives such as: romantic, majesty,...


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