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English Tenses

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Verb: drive

1.- English tenses

He always __________ his blue car
He ______________ his blue car in this moment
He _____________ his blue car since two hours
He ___________________his blue car for 3 days

He ____________ his blue car yesterday.
He ___________his blue in that moment
He ___________his blue car for one month
He __________________his blue car since early

He ________________his blue car the next year
He _____________________his blue car all day.
He _____________________his blue car
He _____________________his blue car

2.- English Modals

He can _________his blue car
He could ________his blue car
He _______ to drive his blue car this night
He must _________ his blue car
He might ________ his blue car
He should ________ his blue car
He ought to _______ his blue car

3.- Going to
He ____ going to ________ his blue car
He ______ going to ______ his blue car

4.- Would
He would ________ his blue car
He would be ____________ his blue car

Verb: walk

1.- English tenses

I _____________ on the street every night  
I _____________on the street now
I ______________on the street since yesterday.
I __________________on the street for two hours

I ____________ on the street the last Saturday
I _______________________on the street
I ______________________ on the street
I ________________________on the street

I will _______________ on the street
I will be ____________ on the street
I will have ___________on the street
I will have been ______________on the street

2.- English Modals

I can _________ on the street
I could ________ on the street
I have to ________ on the street
I must ___________ on the street
I might _________ on the street
I should ________ on the street
I ought to __________ on the street

3.- Going to
I _____ going to __________ on the street
I ______ going to _________ on the street

4.- Would
I would _________ on the street
I would be ________________ on the street


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