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Hinduism - 2

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Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest living religions. It integrates a wide range of beliefs, including a belief in many gods as well as in one universal essence. Hindu ideas have greatly influenced people in Asia and around the globe. Hinduism, unlike many other religions, had no one founder. It follows no single sacred scripture as well. As a result, some say Hinduism as a collection of related religions rooted in India, rather than a single religion. However, there is no doubt it has begun in India.
One of the many ideas of Hinduism is dharma, the notion that each person has a particular religious and social duty, regardless of their position in society. It was only by loyally fulfilling his dharma that a person might wish to climb through the firm class structure. As Hinduism developed, the idea evolved that after a person’s death, he or she is reincarnated, reborn into a different life-form, either in human or animal form. In addition, many Hindus believe in the idea of Karma. The law of karma says that every good act a person performs results in something good, and every bad act in something bad.
Hinduism has definitely affected society in different ways. The Hindu Caste System is an example. Brahmans, the priests and highly educated individuals were at the top of the system while untouchables, menial laborers were at the bottom. As people wished to be reincarnated into a higher class, we can assume the lifestyles of people in different caste systems would have varied. Another impact Hinduism left for the world is yoga. In modern times, yoga became one of the popular exercises but yoga was a way to learn to control devoted practitioners’ breathing and to stretch their bodies into difficult positions.   The physical control allowed them to focus on their mentalities on spiritual matters.
Hindus differ noticeably in some of their beliefs and in the way they put them into practice. The three main gods of Hinduism are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. However,...


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