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1. History as a discipline is a subjective undertaking. We need to understand this point very carefully as we often think that what we read or were taught about the past is the "truth". This is not always the case.
2. Historians use a definite methodology in order to limit (not eliminate) subjectivity issues. While it is true that we cannot ever totally eliminate our subjectivity we can learn to control it or, make it transparent through our use of established academic methodologies.
3. Civilisations vary throughout the world and therefore cannot be compared. This is a very important issue as we often think that our civilisation is the "best" or the "worst". This was the attitude of the Europeans who came into the region at the end of the fifteenth century. As a result of their inability to accept other cultures the native people (neoindians) were marginalised and killed. We must take heed and not repeat this type of negative attitude.
4. To attempt to compare civilisations is wrong as this can only be done by using (consciously or not) the standard of one civilisation as the basis for our comparison..
5. There is no such thing, in reality, as an uncivilised group or 'savage' people. We use these terms to privilege our own perspectives and to create the context of “otherness”. Of course in this context the “other” is always seen as less than ourselves.
As time progresses we will advance other issues but, if you have understood these issues to this point then you are on top of the Course so far!!! All the best and please feel free to ask questions and seek clarifications from the teaching staff or at the Carib Civ office ...


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