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Summary of Apple-Samsung Lawsuit
  * Location: Verdict took place in San Jose, California. There were other lawsuits that took place in Japan and South Korea.
  * Primary Players: Apple and Samsung

  * A Jury decided that Samsung had used some of Apple’s innovative technology in their products. The technology Samsung stole was technology that was used in the iPad and iPhone.
  * Samsung was ordered to pay 1.05 billion dollars to Apple.
  * Apple filed the patent infringement lawsuit back in April of 2011. Apple demanded 2.5 billion dollars from its top competitor. Samsung then countered back with a 399 million dollar lawsuit against apple.
  * The verdict belonged to apple, as the jury rejected all of Samsung’s claims against Apple.
  * The Jury found several features in Samsung’s Products such as the “bounce-back” feature. This feature has to do with zooming in and out of an image. Another feature Apple claims Samsung stole is the “Universal Search. Apple is looking to ban this feature from Samsung.
  * Samsung was quoted saying “Todays verdict shouldn’t be viewed as a win for Apple, but a loss for the American customer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices.”
  * 1 Billion Dollars isn’t that significant to either Apple or Samsung but there is a social cost to the verdict. The cost is how people think of you. As a company, you don’t want to be known as someone who steals from someone else.
  * There are many lawsuits between the 2 companies going on not only in the US, but in countries all over the world.
  * Although their claims were ignored in the US, they weren’t ignored in South Korea and Japan. In the South Korea Ruling, Samsung was saying that Apple infringed on some of their wireless technology patents. Although Apple lost in Japan, the damages are only 1.3 million dollars. Apple is also responsible for the court costs in Japan.
  * Forecast: I think that Samsung is going to have...


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