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Masks of New Imperialism

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In a democracy, an aggressor country cannot justify its invasions, even to its own people, without the express petition of the people whom it is going to “save” through its invasion. Let us remember that George W. Bush fooled the people of the United States by saying that the Iraqi people would receive them with open arms, as an army of liberation: with olive branches and rose petals. The cornerstone of interventionism, therefore, is the always-false call for help from the people so that the “police” country may intervene in its defense.
In the case of Bolivia, Venezuela y Ecuador, ironically, the voices calling for intervention are those of the powerful. That is to say: the greatest power in the World would intervene in the poor countries mentioned in order to defend Goliath against David. The claim is at first sight a parody, but, because of the high degree of danger it entails, I will analyze it with the seriousness that it deserves. In this article I will refer to the “civil organizations” that, in the Republican panel at the Capitol were represented by Mr. Luis Nunez Ribera, president of the Committee Pro-Santa Cruz.
He made such serious accusations, and so many of them, that I will need two articles to analyze them. The first was: “I will try to explain the difficult situation in which we Bolivians live, facing a regime that wants to have all the power and that demands and threatens and wants to take away all of our rights, liberties, and endangers human rights.”
He forgot to say that he has no authority whatsoever to speak in the name of the Bolivian people, not even of the civic groups in Santa Cruz, as, historically, from his institution have emerged only right-wing politicians to join the Falange, the MNR, and the ADN of Gen. Banzer. It is therefore an eminently political institution that hides behind civic action with the purpose of leading the people to vote against its own class interests, in order to elect a representative of the interest groups,...


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