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I Believe

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I believe Essay
    I believe there is a reason why things happen. There is a reason why people commit suicide. There is a reason why people cry. There is a reason why there is love. There a reason why children are shot. There is a reason why people kill each other. There is a reason for everything my parents told me.
    On July 27, I wondered about one reason in particular. I wondered why my friend Bj died. I was sure that there had to be a reason for why it happened. I also wondered why she didn’t tell me she was real sick.   Why it happened to a seventeen year old girl, very intelligent, my friend. It didn’t work through my head. I wondered why, such a young innocent girl would die when murderers and child molesters walk the streets?
    There are many reasons one can come with as to why events happen, by their gods’ will, a twist of fate, teach you a lesson, and builds character. But when it comes down to it, does anyone truly know why things happen the way they do? Most people just shrug and say “That’s the way it goes”. If that’s the only way people can come up with to console others. I believe we’ll never know why things come to be.
    Things happen in strange ways. A person might win an award and die the next day. Or maybe an athlete wins the championship title for his team. Then shatters his leg and now must watch from the sidelines. Everyone wonders why these sorts of things happen to the rest of us. All of them have reasons but no one takes the time to notice the petty ones, the everyday ones. The things that happen to you and I.
      I believe there is a reason why things happen. There is a reason why there are wars. There is a reason why families are split apart. There is a reason why we are who we are. There is a reason for everything. Even life!


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