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How Your Family Past Can Change Your Future

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My family past
Like all immigrants my Father thought the streets of America were paved in gold. With little in his pocket and two Boys he boarded a plane looking for the American dream, but the road they took was not an easy journey.
My Father came to America when he was 26 years old. The struggle to get to America didn't come easy for my Father. During this time Haiti was a really bad country. My Father needed to escape to create a better life for his family. At 25 years of age, he said his good-bye and made his first attempt to cross the border illegally. The heavy down pour of rain frightened the boat my dad hold still but when the finally pass through it, something more happened. My father was imprisoned, and his brother was sent back home to his mom. This created a whole new situation, but nonetheless the same goal with even more motivation. Months later my dad next attempt was successful but was filled with remorse as he was forced to leave my mom with me for 3 years until they were reunited. Along this path my dad earned a hidden accolade of courage
The differences between my mother and father's life were significantly different, but the struggle was similar. My Mother was born in 1967. Her father at the age of fifty had a massive heart attack. He was one of the first candidates for open heart surgery. The severity of his condition prolonged his stay for over a year. My grandfather was in and out of the hospital for years and months at a time. Unlike most girls, my mom never had the advantage spending time with his father, but the time they did share was quality time that will never be forgotten.
Later in life after my mom was born, my grandfather worked in a chocolate factory in order to pay the bills. My dad's family was very poor; they were living on social security checks because of the heart attack my grandfather faced disabling him from work.. My grandmother got sick when my dad was four years old and she died when she was in her teens. My mom...


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