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Halloween Writing Promp

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Halloween Writing Prompt
I yelled hello there was no answer. So I went back inside and continued watching TV. Then, about fith-teen minutes later the doorbell rang again and someone left a note on the door in muted colors with crayon it said “I’m watching you”. I called the police and they came about ten minutes after I called. They looked throughout the house and in the yard for any signs of anyone they didn’t find anything. They told me to lock the doors and my windows so I did.
About one hour later there was someone pounding on the house, ringing the doorbell and making sounds. So I called my parents and told them what was happening, they said to stay in my bedroom and lock the door, and if it happened again to call the police. So I went up stairs and was very quite like a mouse. I got my hands calloused when I moved several wooden objects in front of my door so if someone broke in and tried to attack me it would be hard to get to me.
I waited all night for the person outside to break in. I waited all night then at two a.m. they finally broke in. First started making noises throughout my house next they started breaking stuff in my house. They came upstairs and started beating on my door. The door started to crumble and split open in the middle. I was so scared. I yelled that I was going to call the cops. Then he left, I called the police and told them everything. They found the man who had been doing this all night and they said that this happens a lot on this secular holiday. My parents came home and they bought a security system so it would contact the police soon as someone broke in and so it would never happen again.


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