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Djenane Jeanty
MGMT 210
Professor C. Lennon
Module II


Orion, a division of a large aerospace company with 7000 employees (Larson and Gray, 2011), evolved from a project organization structure for the matrix structure with prime objectives of utilizing limited resources effectively and reducing cost (Larson and Gray, 2011). Usually Orion would undertake three to five large projects and also work on thirty to fifty small projects (Larson and Gray, 2011). It was required that they eliminate higher production costs, low quality, customer dissatisfaction, and lack of strong project ownership to successfully complete the new high profile project code named Jaguar (Larson and Gray, 2011).

Mike Rosas was assigned to be the project manager of Jaguar project which was the important project of ORIAN that had just been awarded by the government to build the next generation of high-speed, light-rail trains (Larson and Gray, 2011). Rosas realized that the increased competition always come with the higher performance expectations regarding completion time, quality, and reliability and cost. In addition, organizing and managing projects in Orion structure would be a key to achieve the expectation of Jaguar project. Due to cost utilization and the limitation of resources, the organization was developed to matrix structure (Larson and Gray, 2011). There were four persons who had responsibilities for different tasks on the completion of the project. However, project management was limited only to the design and development (Larson and Gray, 2011). In addition, the development and manufacturing period of a project such as Jaguar would take around 6-7 years to complete. There were many points which were identified as problems such as quality concerns, customer support, and scope creep (Larson and Gray, 2011). Of these concerns, Rosas was aware and tried to figure out with his...


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