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How Gay Men Live in India?

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Is homosexuality all about getting laid in India?

Some call it a foreign affair , some still don’t understand it , for some its just being insane and very few found it justified. Well the people who are connected in blood relation with a homosexual person will definitely support his loved one, although there are millions of differences in the opinion of people and it’s difficult to get acceptance especially in the country where illiteracy is bigger than any rule and regulation.

Homosexuals are not open in public but in the cyber world there existence is very powerful. The gay hookup sites are the main source where you can search there huge majority exposing there body and there interests.

Well the shocking side of homosexuals is there bold openness which can scare anyone. From nude pictures to adult remarks, there online profiles are full of uncensored adult content which is seriously a big thing. Some are so much bold that they intentionally pose nude erotically on internet just to fetch some more guys to get laid.

There is no aim and no goal of there community, there only motive is sex rest they don’t even know the planning of there community. Seriously homosexuality is a controversial affair but still there is no worry among homosexual guys, there is no development and no seriousness towards there existence. They all are running after sex as they are sexually frustrated because of being a taboo in society. There main dedication is towards sex and that’s why they have maximum adult internet profiles.

People generally laugh on them and tease them as they do not prove there caliber. They may defend themselves as a normal human being but people will not accept there reality until and unless they contribute in the hard work.

There is no evidence and no case which proves the sincerity of there existence as they have never done anything together for there own cause. Dancing in gay parades does not give them the right to live openly as narrow minded...


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