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Erikson's Theory

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Sample Essay
Sarah Konwinski
Mr. Stephens
English II
5 February 2005
Coping with a Social Misfit
Before I moved here from Oklahoma, I had a neighbor who challenged all of my preconceptions about normal, courteous behavior. My parents had raised me to consider others‟ feelings and to be polite as much as possible, so when the Caldwells moved into the big house next door, I wasn‟t prepared for their teenage son‟s totally inconsiderate behavior. His name was Damon, and at first glance, he appeared to be the perfect, All-American boy. However, he soon showed his true colors.
My first encounter with Damon was on the very day he and his parents moved into the neighborhood. The early June sun warmed my back as I kneeled on the driveway in front of the garage, painting a set of bookshelves for my bedroom. When I heard someone clear his throat, I turned around and laid eyes on a cute 16-year-old with blond hair, a friendly smile, and an athletic physique. He introduced himself as the new kid on the block and asked me my name. I returned his smile and shyly introduced myself. He laughed and said, “Konwinski? What kind of name is that?” I told him it was Polish, and he laughed again and said, “Sounds like „corn whiskey.‟” Then he told me all of the Polish jokes he had ever heard. By then, I was almost in tears. Oblivious to the effect his ridicule was having on me, he finally said, “Well, Corn Whiskey, I‟ve got to get back home and help unload the van. I‟ll see you around.”
My second encounter with Damon was a family affair. My parents, two sisters, and I were having a cookout the following weekend when Damon let himself in the side gate of the privacy fence that surrounded our back yard, walked over to the picnic table where we were just beginning our meal, sat down, and started making himself a hamburger. We were all flabbergasted that he just joined us uninvited. My dad was about to smack him when I said, “Hi, Damon. Have you met my family?” He grinned,...


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