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Peer Pressure

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* For young people, a peer group is a major source of security where they form their own identity and learn to become independent from parents. In peer groups they learn to take positive risks and form their own ideas and opinions. It is where they practice how to get on in the world and gradually become adults who are able to make their own decisions. If one of our peers aims at all round development of his personality , then it motivate others to bring in his her life the utmost desire to attain something more valuable , more productive . From peers pupils get to know their limits and what they’re willing to accept. They become involved in new and positive things such as music, activities and other interests. They accomplish a feeling of belonging and are valued and accepted for who they are. Living in a peer group helps person   to imbibe   all the qualities that spring from games and sportsviz, cooperation , team spirit and boldness.It helps for paying utmost importance to character building. Staying in peer group aid to shun demonstrations, vandalism and hooliganism . But every coin has two face peer pressure also have devastating results. Many of us listened this type of talk
“Come on, everyone else is doing it.”
“Don’t be a wimp.”
“Come on, you never do anything wrong.”
Peer pressure can be found regularly at many of the high schools across the country.   This can be mostly negative peer pressure.   Negative peer pressure is the worst because it can have the most horrible, most devastating effects on people of any age. Teens are become addictive to it. Children and their peers try to ape western culture. youngsters have failed to see the good and the bad of this phenomenon. They consider it ‘cool’ to be seen at the most happening parties in the city. At parties like these, alcohol flows freely and all inhibitions are shed. Unfortunately, we are bracing this culture with open arms. For them, life is a huge party and in their bid to party hard, they are,...


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