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Parents Are the Best Teachers

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“Parents are the best teachers”. Do you agree or disagree?

              Education is very important in our life; it makes you become more mature. Children can learn from a lot of different sources such as from their parents at home, teachers at school or idols on the media, etc. Some people say that parents are the best teachers. I totally agree with this statement for the following reasons.
            First of all, parents are the people who teach us many things in whole life. When being a child, parents teach us how to crawl, to walk, to stand and to talk as well as to behave in proper manners. They teach us know to say “thank you” when receiving a present or help from someone and say “sorry” when doing something wrong. Moreover, they also tell us how to deal with strangers or how to make important decision in our daily life. Parents give us practical knowledge, not sophisticated one at school. These seem very simple but they play an indispensable role in our lives.
              Secondly, parents are the closest friends to us. In our childhood, parents told us fairies, the national heroes, etc when we began to go to sleep. This helps us have a better and deeper sleep and improve relationship between parents and children. Furthermore, in our adolescence which is known as “rebellious age”, there is always changeableness in our temper. So parents always beside and follow us to confide, share and give useful advice. Little by little, parents will become closer to their children.
              Finally, nobody loves us as much as our parents do. They always want to give children the best things. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for our happiness. They love and concern about us; they worry about our future. So they are attempting to help their children have better life and overcome difficulties easily. Only our parents, who will spend their whole life loving us, caring us will tell us how to steer our own boats in the ocean of life without selfish...


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