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Uncle Axel-Chyrsalids

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There are some people in this world that help you become a better person and who you can confide in. These are people you can trust. Uncle Axel is one of these people and that makes him a good confidante. Uncle Axel is a confidante because he is trustworthy, open-minded, and brave.  
One trait that a confidante really needs is trustworthiness. The person who is confiding in the confidante has to be sure they will keep their secrets, so trust is very important. Uncle Axel is definitely trustworthy and is trusted by a lot of people, but especially by David. David trusts his Uncle Axel so much that he tells him the very dangerous and life threatening fact that he is telepathic. David states: “I hesitated, and then because he was Uncle Axel and my best friend among the grown-ups, I said:” (30) David then proceeds to tell him his secret. By telling Uncle Axel about his telepathy, the author is showing us that Uncle Axel is a very trustworthy person.
Another trait that makes Uncle Axel a confidante is that he is open-minded. No one wants to confide in someone who will not listen to or shut down their ideas. Uncle Axel always listens to David, with an open mind and this is an important trait for a confidante. Uncle Axel believes differently than the people of Waknuk, who have very strict beliefs but no proof to back up why they believe what they do. A conversation with David shows how Uncle Axel is open to what others think despite thinking differently than they do. Uncle Axel says to David: “ ‘I’m telling you,’ he went on, ‘that a lot of people saying that a thing is so, doesn’t prove it is so…They all think they know – just as we think we know…’”(65)   Uncle Axel thinks about what people believe and why. He accepts that they think the way they do, even though he thinks differently. Being open-minded is an important trait for a confidante to have, and Uncle Axel is very open-minded.
Lastly, bravery is a trait that makes Uncle Axel a confidante. Bravery does not...


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