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Throeing The Baby

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Throwing the baby is the most easily done by a couple who committed fornication and pregnancy. In most cases, women are blamed and forced to bear the burden in on the act.

The issue of abandonment is a universal issue. Not just happening in Malaysia but everywhere. In Brunei, a woman was sentenced to four years in jail for causing the death of a baby by putting it in a garbage sack the baby died of suffocation result. In Indonesia, a resident of Bekasi see yellow objects suspected baby floating in the river. In China, a father throwing her into the river was a year old, thinking his son dead after the unconscious because of abdominal pain. While in the United States, a 19 year old girl, Krystal Johnson was accused of killing her baby after throwing the dirty areas.

In Malaysia, these symptoms continue to occur and show an upward trend. For example, in 1999, a total of 70 cases were reported and in 2001, it rose to 97 cases. Increased number of these cases require troubleshooting steps from the root cause.

How do babies dumped, the dump and get rid of one?

Place searched is in the toilet, empty house, landfills, septic tank vessels, river, beach, gutter or in the synagogue. In addition, places of public attention as delis, train stations and health clinics gate also be an option.

Diversity dump give us the level of sympathy culprit. There are some cases that the perpetrator show cruelty and tyranny, the baby will be pumped into the septic tank vessels to remove evidence of the birth. Performers remaining sympathy and guilt will respect their babies with menyelimut, to be fed and placed on the steps in front of the prayer or an influential person.

Performers throw her baby in certain places, not knowing what to do with the birth of it even more unfortunate if the girl was 14 or 15 years because of their mental and physical condition are not ready to accept birth.

Abandonment involves many factors. We can not make accusations or...


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