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Beyond the Euphoria - Short Essay

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Beyond the euphoria

After reviewing this article, one would understand, that the writer; although very proud of Jamaican athlete’s successful performance at the London Olympics, was more concerned about the economic downturn of his country. He cautioned the country not to be ‘side tracked’ by blissful events that will vanish as soon as a new headline was printed.   Although a sense of pride still lingers, he focused on the political and economic situation, in which his country has fallen into for a lengthy period of time.
          The purpose of this article was to highlight the increasing apprehension, of the writer, towards the swollen debt, stagnant growth and debilitating GDP per-capita of the nation.   The writer argues that Jamaica should learn from its “missed opportunities”, in doing so the future generations will not mourn the choices of their previous generation.   The Government of Jamaica has, on many occasions sought relief for this predicament by turning to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF approved a $1.27 billion loan to support Jamaican’s plan to recover from mounting debt, weak economic growth, and the effects of global economic crisis.
            This initiative was set up to revamp the economic, social, and educational wellbeing of Jamaican nationals.   Yet the skepticism of the people was evident, where as a documentary was released, voicing the ill effects of the IMF on the Jamaican economy.
The writer recognized Jamaica and its local life and industry have been made to suffer, due to harsh policies inflicted upon them by the IMF and World Bank. The devaluing of the Jamaican dollar, increased competition from large multinational companies against local producers, and measures that exclude the lower class from any economic help, were the implications of such governmental measures against Jamaica and its citizens, as a result of the conditions of IMF and World Bank loans.
The IMF still not proving useful in combating the high...


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