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Reconstruction's Epic Failure - Short Essay

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Reconstruction's Epic Failure
Reconstruction failed freedmen for 3 main reasons. Racist groups started in the south, there were still many laws trying to prevent African Americans from voting ,and the big win of the republicans in 1866.
In 1868   many racist groups started forming . The most common was KKK a.k.a kukkluxklan. They wore white long cloaks that covered their whole face and body. It main purpose was to ''establish a nucleus''   around with former confederates can gather. They would wound African Americans really badly sometimes even kill them. African Americans could   not complain to anyone because they did not know who it was and in some cases it could have been the sheriff who   attacked you last night and nobody can help you. The white leagues are also another raciest group . this league was formed to prevent African Americans from voting.    
        In 1866 southern states had passed black codes. These were laws that tried to control freedmen and women. The black codes took away most there're   rights as citizens . These laws allowed for officials to arrest and fine jobless   African Americans. It also banned African Americans from owning and renting farms. To freedmen the black codes was slavery brought back in disguise.          
        November 4,1874, (Doc 5)   New York Times headline text announces the democratic victory of the republicans. President Johnson companied vigorously against the 14th amendment and its supporters.   Republicans won taking over congress and Reconstruction. Congress immediately took charge of reconstruction, the outcome of this came a period as Radical Reconstruction.
      Reconstruction was based on rebuilding the south but they disagreed bitterly over how to accomplish it. They built raciest groups to prevent African Americans from voting for democrats, they passed laws for African Americans taking away their rights from voting "bringing slavery back in disguise" as freedmen thought of it   &   They crushed...


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