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The Development of Crusher Promoted Railway Business

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Since plan of four trillion launched by the state council to stimulus the economic, the sales of domestic crushing plant continue to rise, and with the opening of all projects in whole China, cone crusher, hammer crusher and other related application of production equipment market space unprecedented ascension, attention on crusher products has significantly increased.
    The statistics show that the China Railway Erju Co.Ltd completed business income of 16.85 billion Yuan in the first half of this year, up 34% from the same period, and the railway construction business income growth reaches as high as 177%. In the current domestic railway construction is expected to continue rising situation, future railway construction, crusher, and other related industries will also keep a certain period of high growth trend with a very broad infrastructure development prospects field.
    With the more and more rapid pace of economic recovery, signs of getting warmer become more and more clear in many fields, the big trend provides enterprise with rally faith, as well as the basis of construction and project investment expansion efforts. Integrated above crusher equipment and railway engineering development situation, under the guidance of expansionary fiscal policy and loose monetary policy type, the basic domestic livelihood of the people field has been achieved good development under the guidance of national macroeconomic regulation and control.

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Feeder Manufacturer : http://www.crusher-export.com/feeder.html


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