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Whatever Happened to Fast Talking Dames

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Whatever Happened to Fast Talking Dames?
      DiBattista's description of a fast talking dame captures the character of Cristina Yang as portrayed in Grey’s Anatomy (2005-2012). Throughout the television series, Yang is depicted as confident, smart and witty. She goes for what she believes in and pursues the best men for relationships. As an intern, she haves a love relationship with an attending surgeon but she never gives up her dreams in sacrifice for a relationship. This is evident when she had an abortion; she believed pregnancy and motherhood was a barrier to her becoming a successful surgeon. On several occasions, her colleagues and friends described her as a robot due to her accuracy and ambition (ABC 1).
      Towards the end of third season, Yang’s fiancée proposes to her but it takes her a long time to accept his hand in marriage. Her fiancée later cancels the wedding after realizing that Yang was not ready to settle for marriage. Yang’s independence as a successful woman is not threatened by his withdrawal. She is composed after the heat breaking episode and is not crippled by her emotions (ABC 1). Her happiness is tied to her career as a successful surgeon, a career that is traditionally dominated by men. All her role models are male figures; her college professor and boyfriend and an attending, head of cardiothoracic surgery, and her fiancée. Early as an intern, she chooses her specialty and nothing stops her from achieving her dream (Altmann 1).
      According to DiBattista, fast talking dames are not only independent but fun loving (DiBattista 1). Yang enjoyed her life as a student in medical school, as an intern and as a resident at the hospital. After her failed marriage, she proceeds to go for honeymoon with her best friend and colleague. She is the kind of a woman who haves fun at what she does; this makes her excellent. She is excited by surgeries and beats her fellow interns in participating in the best surgeries with the best doctors....


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