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Secret of the Darkness

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5the secret of the darkness……..
She slowed her steps until the came to a halt on the streetlight-lit path, Booth's assuring words of Angela and Hodgins' new family giving her new courage. She turned to face him, taking a deep breath, trying to keep her voice steady. "I'm...I'm pregnant…you're the father." She met his eyes with clear uncertainty, trying to gauge his reaction. He stared at her with disbelief for a second before breaking out into a wide grin. She couldn't help but mirror it in relief. "You're pregnant?" his smile still widening while he processed the information. "Yes, it appears that our coitus has resulted in the implantation of-" she was cut off by strong arms lifting her off the ground and spinning her round in a tight embrace and laughter. His lips reached up to meet hers passionately, smothering her smile with his. "B-Booth, put me down!" she laughed, stumbling slightly as he placed he back down, hands still intertwined. "You're happy," she stated, with a smile. She was a scientist. She'd had no way of predicting his reaction, no matter how long she'd spend thinking about it the last couple of days. But now, his happiness was fact. She could deal with fact. She let herself breath again. "What, of course I'm Happy, Bones! You're- we're having a baby. A little baby Bones!" His voice was still full of disbelief and barely louder than a breath. "Wait, did you think I wouldn't be happy?" his smile faltered and his eyes became serious as he tried to think of any instances when he'd made her think otherwise. She looked up, into his eyes of concern and question. She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn't find the words. She couldn't explain the mess of feelings she'd had lately. She didn't want to admit she'd been scared. She didn't want to admit she had considered that Booth might walk away. Booth studied her face and could clearly see she was struggling with her answer. Conveying her feelings in words wasn't her strong point, especially when put...


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