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Youth and Suicide

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It has often been referred to as "a permanent solution to a temporary problem". In the midst of severe depression it can appear to be the only option left, but what is this new trend that is plaguing teenagers and young adults in our society today? The topic I based my Internal Assessment is “Youth and Suicide.”
According to Suicide.org, untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide. Depression occurs when an individual experiences a prolonged period of sadness and worthlessness that interferes with their ability to function properly. Many youths feel that they cannot relate to others, especially adults about their problems and feelings, because of the harsh judgment that they will face.
Without an understanding of this dynamic and complex behaviour, loving and compassionate parents, teachers or significant adults are apt to use reasoning that further isolates these youth, thereby exacerbating the problem. It is a very delicate crisis and it happens around us; at school, play and even work.
The spotlight is being placed on a story, “Dying to be Free” because it highlights the common misconceptions many adults have on teenagers when they relate their feelings. This theme gives the readers a gruesome insight of the lives of the personas. Bounded by the reliable informative sources that include the internet, newspaper articles and books on youth and suicide, the completion of this internal assessment provides a clear understanding of this phenomenon that has plagued the society today.

Inspired by the untimely death of one of my beloved, “Dying to be Free” aim is for young adults especially school students. It is my hope that they become more aware of this growing popular phenomena that many keep in the closet. I intend to educate people my age about this current issue by posting it up on school magazines and newspapers.   The teenagers are given a clear understanding of the victim’s thoughts and actions and what drove them...


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