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Charity Begins at Home

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This world is abundantly blessed with different kinds of creatures. But human is the only creature that has been gifted with a unique quality of sharing his wealth with others, when they are in need for it.
Charity begins at home is a standard proverb that we have been hearing from our childhood. According to this idiom, charity begins in our homes. But nowadays most of us here are mistaken that charity begins only at charity homes. Charity, charity homes, wealth………it all seems to be tangled, isn’t it? Ok. Let me remove this tangle first by asking you something. What is charity?
Charity means to help someone when they are in grave need for it. Love and care for others is the building block of charity.
Everyone one of us began learning about charity by seeing our parents and other family members helping others. A fact that we must learn from charity is that to help others, without expecting them to help us in the future. This gives us self-satisfaction and makes others happy and contended.
Helping the aged, sick or physically handicapped members of the family, giving clothes to servants are different forms of charity that we do in our homes. This gives them a mental support and adds to our strength. It is this attitude that makes us charitable to others in our community in the long run. My dear friends, though you might earn large sums of money, it is only by giving a share of it to the needy that you will realize the true value of your wealth.
Before I wind up my speech, I would like to say one important fact. The charity that you do to your parents is the foremost and the greatest charity of all. Our parents never want us to earn money and take good care of them. All they want us to do is to make the best use of time in our young age and to lead a happy life in the future.  
So my dear friends start helping your parents and family members, sincerely and discover the charitable nature that has been dwelling in you, since the day you entered this world....


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