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Why Senior Citizens Shouldnt Drive

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Senior Citizens
I think senior citizens shouldn’t drive. Most senior citizens forget to wear their glasses and so that’s how most accidents occur. Since they can’t see very well they tend to pass the red light or stop sign. There are plenty of examples that I will be using, but the majorities of accidents are caused by the elderly and they must be stopped, before a real tragedy occurs.
Senior citizens have many problems, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Much of the older population has a physical problem that causes them to lack the driving skills needed. For example seniors have eyesight problems and require glasses or laser surgery. If they don’t get surgery then they would have to wear glasses which most f the time doesn’t do much for their vision. With glasses they can see from far but sometimes they can’t see from up close which would then cause problems for the people crossing the road. The elderly sometimes have medical problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, which can make the feel drowsy, and sometimes makes them hallucinate, which is a danger for the road.
Parents and youth should be spared of this tragedy by setting a limit for the diving age. Old people under the age of sixty should only be allowed to drive during the week days, but only in the day from seven to four in the afternoon. Or better yet there should be a law that every five to seven years seniors should take a portion of the driving test and if they don’t pass the exam, we should not let them gets their license back until they do. This lets both the ones who should or shouldn’t be let driving have a chance of justice. Some seniors might rebel and even still drive with no license and cause more tragedies and might even end up in a car crash.
Senior citizens should also have the right to drive. If the state doesn’t let the elderly drive then there would be a high percentage of bus use and therefore the local busses would be full. Also the local taxis would be overused too, and...


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