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Bullying - 2

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Phoebe Prince, died aged 15… Ryan Haligan, died aged 13... Megan Meier, died aged 13… Tyler Clementi, died aged 18... Jessica Evans, Died aged 14… These five teenagers come from completely different areas of the world, different families, different cultures, different backgrounds, but all share two things in common. 1. They were all bullied. 2. They all committed suicide from being unable to cope. Bullying is one of the leading self-esteem crushers in the 21st century. A survey printed in the Herald Sun states that 70% of students surveyed believe bullying is a moderate to serious problem in there school. Why is this happening?

Kids as young as six, forming cliques, designating the ‘queen bee’ and excluding kids from their friendship groups. So young, their brains haven’t had time to be exposed to society. It is believed that bullying is on the rise. Is it really? Or are more cases just being reported? Bullying goes unnoticed in many schools and workplaces through pure fear of the victim being hunted down again to be reprimanded by his attackers for speaking up. Why do people bully, a question with several different answers.

Bullies bully for many reasons, for their own insecurities, they may be being bullied themselves, they see older people, generally family members bullying others and think it’s okay but mainly due to the pleasure they feel of making someone feel miserable. Casey Hynes a 16 year old Chifley college boy, tormented all throughout his life. A recent interview on A Current Affair tells Casey’s story.
During the interview they recapped the traumatic life he had suffered, also the years, months and weeks leading up to the attack which made him a YouTube sensation. Casey described himself as being an easy target. This is persistent in most bullying cases. I personally watched the interview, which aired on Channel Nine on May 3rd. As I watched the interview, the day after he was brought out on stage at the biggest concert of the year, I saw...


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