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Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different culture. Do you agree or disagree?

Globalization is boosting international tourism. People’s enthusiasm in travelling abroad is proved by the fact that the annual amount of tourists is mounting to astronomical figures and shows no signs to stop. However, some criticisms arise that the rapid development of tourism industry creates tension between different peoples. But from my point of view, international tourism serves as a significant role in enhancing mutual understanding between people from different culture.

There was a time when folks just lead a normal life in the place where they were born. Now comes the time that people can go abroad to experience a different kind of life with the help of modern transportation. The beautiful senic spots in other countries not only offer foreigners the freshness and enjoyment, but also expand their outlook. By getting touch with local environment and local people, tourists can learn plenty of things in many aspects, such as language, food, tradition, religion, etc. thus ,they may get a full appreciation of the life in that country. Moreover, tourists from all over the world also bring a variety of customs to the destination, which also benefits local people. Therefore, travelling is a two way street which promotes mutual understanding.

However under no circumstance can we ignore international tourism also have a bad effects. The flooding of a large number of tourists disturbs the origin peaceful life of local residents. This may undermine environment and make the city crowded. Furthermore, some tourist may disregard the local religion and custom, which is the source of tension between different culture. Last but not the least, safety deserves our attention. If the tourism attraction can not ensure the foreigners’ safety, it will breed...


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