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The size of a parachute cover   the effects of the speed of descent. During the drop, an opened parachute catches air, creating "drag." This drag slows the speed of the drop as it counters the force of gravity. The larger the parachute, the more air it catches for drag. However, there is a limit; nothing can become lighter than air, so at a given size, speed can no longer be affected. The parachute creates a drag that slows down someone or something from falling down. Drag is the push on something from the air or water. As air is much thinner than water it doesn’t have as much drag. The larger is the surface area, the more is the drag. It works on the thought of ‘Whatever is thrown up always falls down’. Law of gravity states the force that comes from the center of the earth attracts everything to the earth. In fact, this is the very reason why we are able to walk on the earth. Parachute is one of those objects that follow this law of gravity.
These began to design with an aim to save people in emergency situations when they needed to exit off a plane that is not effective properly. Parachutes have the air resistance, which prevents people from falling down. The fall of an object depends upon the weight it bears. The lighter it is, the quicker it reaches the ground. The air carries the bits and particles which these objects push their way through in order to get to their destination. The rocks, being relatively heavier than the other objects, can push the air particles, out of their way. But objects as light as feathers find it difficult to pass their way through these air particles.
Parachutes are packed by the owners themselves or parachute riggers. They must be packed properly so that they will deploy correctly. It would take a lot of effort to pack a parachute. Modern designs have zero porosity which means the air can’t pass through the fabric, making harder to fold.
A reserve is also packed along with the main parachute in case something goes wrong. The...


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