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Jonothan Kozol's "Still Seperate , Still Equal"

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Jonathan Kozol's "Still Separate, Still Equal
In this section of the publication, Jonathan points out that racial segregation is evident in American schools, and that the segregation fuels the performance gap. The author states that all people are due equal education and all that goes along with healthy society. He regrets, however, that this is not the case in the American education system. He worries why an eight year old is responsible for her performance in a complex, standardized exam, while the officials who are responsible for her dismal performance are not answerable to their failures. The book points out that the inner city students do not get fair and equal chances to perform as well as their suburban counterparts. Children of the wealthy and the middle class that comprise of the government officials get quality education from expensive private schools. The poor man’s child that gets poor education in public schools performs worse in standardized exams. The discrepancy creates unfairness in testing when children are graded using the same criteria.
The chief generalization in this passage is that children of the high officials attend expensive suburban schools. Jonathan believes that only children of the poor attend the inner city schools. He also generalizes an idea that the inner city schools all perform dismally compared to the suburb schools.   The author feels, therefore, that the children from these two kinds of schools need grading on different scales. The suburb teachers get better pay than the inner city teachers. The schools attended by the high officials’ children have more resources and funding than the inner city schools. He, therefore, feels it is unfair to punish a child who cannot change the state of affairs, or the teacher for poor performance. Those answerable need to take responsibility for an unjust system.
Jonathan is upset with the use of the school as a mere tool for utilitarian adulthood. He feels...


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