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Tourism in Rio

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On the 30th of March, The British School Class 7’s went to Zona Sul. As we wanted to interview tourists this was the best location due to the amount of tourists that can be found in that area. When we got to Zona Sul we were separated into four groups to be spread through Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon beaches. The class 7’s went to the trip after a long holiday (Carnaval), the Roger Waters Show and right before the Easter holiday. We interviewed the tourists by using a questionnaire that mainly asked their overall opinion on Rio And why they chose Rio as their destination.
The main reason we went to Zona Sul was because we needs to collect data about tourism to be able to prove what we had studies before.
Brazil – RJ- Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana

Statement of Hypothesis
Most Tourists that come to Rio are foreign visitors.
I believe that this hypothesis is false mainly because the tickets to come to Rio are very expensive and normally when foreign visitors come to Brazil they are planning on staying longer periods of time, this suggests that they don’t come during Easter because it is a short holiday. Especially because they have a more extended time to look around the city. In my opinion there are more tourists from other places in Brazil because it is their own country and people normally don’t leave their county in short holidays.
Most tourists come to Brazil due to Physical Attractions.
I believe that this hypothesis is true because brail is a country that is very famous for its landscape which includes beaches, forest, vegetation, etc. As we can notice Brazil also has a paradise view from professional pictures, most of these show environmental Factors. These picture are normally found in brochures, Brazilian websites, etc this attracts a lot of tourists.
Method of Data Collection
The class 7’s chose to collect our data using a questionnaire because it was the easiest and faster way to get all the...


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