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Too formal? Too routine?

Please use questions 1, 3 and 8 in the back of Chapter 2, and questions 3 & 4 in the back of chapter 4, and questions 2 & 4 of Chapter 6 of WORLD RELIGIONS IN AMERICA (WRA) to frame your Discussion Topic Paper.


1.) What is unique to Smith about the development of Christianity that pulls it away from its Judaic roots?

1.) How do you explain the "variety" that is called Protestantism? Give specifics of the characteristics that have contributed to such variety. In light of such difference, does tolerance exist among different denominations? If so, how do you explain this tolerance? Be specific. --done-

3.) What is Protestantism's relationship to Catholicism? What were the theological issues that led to the formation of the Protestant church's development in this country? --done--

8.) Define Protestant Individualism. Is there a "social" side to protestantism? If so, describe its function in society. If not, define your position. What influence has Protestant Individualism, as well as its social dimension, had on American politics?


3.) What is the organizational structure of the Catholic Church? Is the structure hierarchal? How so? What roles do persons in the organization play? Which role does the author believe is most representative of the Church? Why? ----done----

4.) What disagreements have begun to take place between American Catholicism and Catholic doctrine coming from Rome about the role of women in the Church? About birth control? How, in light of such difference, can American Catholicism remain Catholic? --done--


2.) Why does Orthodox Christianity lay claim to be old as Christianity itself? What connection does Orthodox Christianity have to the New Testament church?

4.) What were the reasons for Orthodox Christianity's spread to America? Trace its historical development and growth....


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