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Celebirties in the 21st Century

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‘...the celebrity status that comes with twenty-first century fame.’
Write a personal essay about your views on celebrities and being famous in the twenty-first century.
I sit here looking at pictures and reading articles about these celebrities we either admire or hate, wondering how it would be to be someone famous and we often imagine this in our heads but is it really what it’s made out to be? Well, the fascination with the lifestyles of the rich and famous has gone far beyond the usual interest that celebrities have generated over the years. In every shop in every part of the country, shelves are lined with glossy magazines with big, bold, headings capturing our interest as tales of woe, awe and scandal. We also see celebrities who appear on TV and at first we think that they are living the dream, but are they? A lot of us spend hours of our lives reading about these people’s lives but, gone are the days when celebrities grace the pages of magazines for their talent and random acts of charity, this new found interest in modern day celebrities goes beyond that! Their lives are an open book and every aspect of their lives is made available for us to scrutinise, criticise and enjoy. Being a celebrity in the twenty-first century has it’s positive aspects like the money, the fame and their privileges and also the negative aspects like, their lack of privacy and their lack of living a normal lifestyle.
Celebrities nowadays and completely different compared to their predecessors. Nowadays it does not take much to become famous and having everyone knows your name. I could get up tomorrow and decide I’ll audition for the next X-factor show and if I get through people will know my name everywhere, or if do something stupid on stage like a lot of people do, people will know me for that but I would still be in some way famous. Another example would be the way Justin Bieber got famous. He was made famous by putting up songs on YouTube like a lot of people do but Justin...


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